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Our chapter was originally founded in Paradise Township, Nevada (NV), on October 15, 1966; the chapter was disbanded on October 16, 1971. The chapter records of the Paradise Township, Old Spanish Trail Chapter NSDAR were destroyed accidentally, making the disbandment difficult. However, we do know that the 1966 Founding Regent was Eva Kerby Gillhouse. The chapter was reorganized July 29, 1994, and chartered October 15, 1994, in Henderson, NV., which was the 130th anniversary of Nevada's Statehood. The members of the 1994 chapter were Organizing Regent Carol Bowers Farwell; Isabel Haven, Vice Regent and Chaplain; Mary Heenan, Treasurer; Fairy Ryerson, Recording Secretary; Joanne Nelson, Historian; Laura Garvin, Librarian; Beverly Blackford, Registrar; and Sara Brown, Mrs. David R. Howser, and Jeanne Smyth. Old Spanish Trail Chapter NSDAR is proud to have had three members serve the Nevada State Society as Regent: CAROL BOWERS FARWELL, MARY GRIFFITH TOLENO HEENAN, *KIMBERLY PATERSON WHITFIELD * Mrs. Whitfield is the only chapter member to have held a national vice-chairmanship. Our chapter currently has over 50 members and continues to grow! We are proud to say that our chapter is involved in multiple projects that support the National organization.

Our Name

The Old Spanish Trail is actually a 1,120-mile route between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Los Angeles, California, which was traversed by Spanish padres in the 1700s and later by traders and settlers. In 2002, The Old Spanish Trail was designated as a National Historic Trail.

Old Spanish Trail

Old Spanish Trail

The Old Spanish Trail has been called the most arduous and difficult trail in the United States. With Native American historical roots, the trail was used by the adventurous and opportunists bringing textiles from Santa Fe to trade for mules and horses in Los Angeles beginning in the early 1800s. Spanning more than 2500 miles, parts of the trail were used by fur trappers and later by railroad and military surveyors.

The Old Spanish National Historic Trail was established by Congress in 2002. Its designated routes cover six states and some 2,700 miles, traversing mountains, deserts, rivers, and coastal valleys. It was historically used by curious and brave, enterprising, and sometimes nefarious men, forging trade routes between the Mexican cities of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Los Angeles, California. New Mexican woolen goods were traded for California mules and horses, but the trade also included furs, hides, and even captives.


Regent - Christine Howard

Vice Regent - Kristen Johnson

Chaplain - Christine Damalas

Recording Secretary - Jamie Buttner

Corresponding Secretary - Nancy Hewitt

Treasurer - Judy Lawrence

Registrar - Kelli Reed

Historian - Diane Gaylord

Librarian - Margaret Hendrickson

Parliamentarian (Appointed) - Barbara Johnson

Honorary Chapter Regents

Vivian Surwill 2020-2022

Susan Hoge 2017

Margaret Hendrickson 2014-2017

Judie Keller 2014-2014

Sherry Kniffin 2012-2014

Jamie Cornell 2008-2012

Carolyn Schmalz 2006-2008

Barbara Hunter 2004-2006

Marvyl McQuatters 2002-2004

Jerrie Pearson 2000-2002

Margaret Farwell 1996-2000

Carol Farwell 1994-1996

Patriot Ancestors

John Conrad Aleshire VA
William Allen NC
Peter Babb VA
Abner Banning CT
Robert Barber Sr, PA
Stephen Beckham NC
Aaron Berry VA
Ozias Bidwell CT
James Brown NH
Henry Bright PA
John  Bright PA
Michael Bright Sr PA
Samuel Cherry NH
Reuben Clatterbuck VA
Susanna Hill Clement VA
Manoah Corley VA
William Crawford VA
William Cromartie NC
Valentine Davis NY
Andries Davis NY
Frederick Davis NY
Adoph DeGrove Sr NY
Jacob DuBois NJ
William Duval RI
Christopher Eckenrode PA
Asa Everett PA
Robert Forman VA
John Frogg Sr VA
John Gano NY
Gershom Gard NJ
Lewis Gardner GA
Isaac Garrison NC
Jehiel Gates CT

Joseph Gormley PA
James Green NC
Richard Harper NC
Thomas Hasting MA
Adam Hoffman NY
Amos Holliday CT
Ebenezer Hopkins VT
Allen Howard NC
Groves Howard NC
Samuel Hubbard CT
Benjamin Kilgore SC
William Lines NJ
Amos Love NC
Alexander McKay CT
John McKibben PA
Henry Menefee VA
James McCall SC
Thomas McCall SC
David Mcgee VA
Moses Middleswart PA
Jedediah Monroe MA
Benjamin Partlow VA
John Adam Paulus PA
John Perkins MA
Francis Pierce VA
Shadrach Pierce Jr MA
Samuel Poe VA
Henry Raudebaugh VA
JohnAdam Raudebaught VA
Stephen Ray NY
Azariah Reed NJ
Joseph Reed NJ

Frederick Rhodes PA
David Rose NY
David Rounds RI
John Jacob Rudisill VA
Frederick Schoonmaker JR NY
Frederick Schoonmaker Sr, NY
Jochem Schoonmaker NY
John Sevier NC
James Sinclair PA
Ebenezer Smith CT
Hendrick Smith NY
Daniel Solsbee PA
Thomas Somerset VA
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Reuben Talley NC
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Edward Vail NC
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